Spielwarenmesse 2024

Spielwarenmesse, a prestigious event that showcases unparalleled innovation and creativity in the toy industry, took place in Nuremberg, Germany, from January 30th to February 3rd, 2024. The event attracted influential figures from around the globe, including renowned brands, emerging startups, major retailers, independent sellers, and numerous media representatives. A total of 58,000 attendees from 128 countries (with Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and the Netherlands leading the pack) and 2,142 exhibitors from 69 countries participated in the event. KST was one of the exhibitors and presented their latest servo products and bestsellers, receiving admiration and support from numerous attendees.
KST at Spielwarenmesse 2024
We showcased the impressive X series servos, including the X20-1806, X20-3005, and X20-4208. Each servo is equipped with a 4-pole brushless DC motor, ensuring rapid response times and exceptional efficiency. The X20-1806 servo is tailor-made for 1:10 on-road touring, drift cars, and 1:10th scale off-road buggies. Notably, it is the top choice for high-performance airplanes and jets requiring a low-profile servo within a slim wing design. Designed for both 1:8 and 1:10 scale on-road or off-road RC car racing (including racing, buggy, and truggy categories), the X20-3005 servo delivers precise control.
Additionally, it is a perfect match for high-performance aerobatic airplanes, jets, scale models, and more. For those seeking immense torque and lightning-fast performance, the X20-4208 servo fits the bill perfectly. Specifically engineered for 1:7 and 1:8 scale on-road or off-road RC race cars, it also excels in high-performance aerobatic airplanes, jets, scale models, and beyond applications.
Spielwarenmesse 2024The X10 Mini Pro and X10 Pro servos are designed for competition gliders, including F5J and F5B, as well as large-scale gliders. Compared to the regular X10 Mini servo, the X10 Mini Pro offers an exceptional upgrade, delivering superior performance with increased 11.5kgf.cm torque, 0.10 sec speed, and a wider travel angle. Designed to exceed expectations, it ensures precision and responsiveness in every flight.Spielwarenmesse 2024The SV915-12 HV and SV905-12 HV brushless cyclic servos are meticulously crafted for 550-700 class RC helicopter enthusiasts. At this year's Spielwarenmesse, these servos received high praise from attendees and enthusiasts. With a focus on power delivery, the SV915-12 HV cyclic servos boast an impressive 30Kgf.cm of torque at 13V, coupled with an exceptional 0.07-second speed for lightning-fast responsiveness. Meanwhile, the SV905-12 HV tail servos also excel in response speed, with an outstanding 0.04-second rate.
At Spielwarenmesse 2024, 12V HLS Combo Brushless Servos also received rave reviews. Featuring three HLS3008-12 Brushless Standard Servos and one HLS1535-12 Tail Servo, it ensures precise operation with six ball bearings per gearbox. The HLS3008-12 servos offer an impressive 32Kgf.cm of torque and a 0.07-second speed, while the HLS1535-12 tail servo provides 16Kgf.cm of torque and a 0.03-second speed at 13V. Experience unmatched agility and accuracy with this exceptional package.Spielwarenmesse 2024We also introduced three handy tools designed to be compatible with KST V6.0 and V8.0 servos. They are Servo Programming 'Tool Card' #2, #3, and #5. Most notably, Tool Card #5 is an updated version of Tool Card #1. The updated Tool Card #5 features a user-friendly interface for setting the servo neutral point and end point. The knob design makes the servo parameter adjustment more straightforward and more intuitive. It also allows reversing the direction of rotation. This tool will make the servo parameter adjustment much more accessible than ever.Spielwarenmesse 2024As Spielwarenmesse 2024 draws close, KST extends sincere gratitude to all who visited our booth, explored our products, and shared in our innovative passion. Your enthusiasm and support inspire us to develop and enhance our products and services continually. We eagerly anticipate reconnecting with you next time, bringing forth even more excellent products and new surprises. Thank you for engaging in the exchange and sharing at KST's exhibition this time!
Spielwarenmesse 2024
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